Wedding Locations: Dallas Splendor

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Dallas, Texas…

is known for its strong heat, which may be a detriment to planning an outdoor wedding. However, that does not mean that you cannot bring the magnificence of an outdoor ceremony to an indoor facility. Wedding locations, Dallas and Fort Worth wedding locations included, often benefit by surroundings of fresh flowers and greenery. This is a great way to bring local color, as well as a refreshingly natural touch to the ceremony. Dallas wedding locations, for instance, can benefit from the inclusion of the Bluebonnet – the official flower of Texas. In addition to its beauty, the Bluebonnet obviously holds historical significance. The flower could be used for decoration, or as part of the bouquets. This is also a good opportunity for the men in the wedding party to be involved as well, as the Bluebonnet (or whatever chosen flower) should also be used as a boutonniere on their tuxedos. This is just one way to pay tribute to wedding locations, Dallas or otherwise, and add a special zest to the wedding.

Best of Dallas Wedding Locations

Special Moments a historic wedding chapel is a registered historic landmark in Lewisville, Texas. In addition to the flowers for the marriage ceremony, the local flavor can compliment the reception, as well. Flowers, again, can hold special meaning as either a tribute to the location, or a personal preference of the couple. As decoration on the cake, as well as the reception hall, flowers shape both the design and color scheme of the celebration. Dallas wedding locations can also be recognized through trinkets or gifts from the married couple to their bridal and groom parties, as well as the wedding guests. Music choices are another way to pay tribute to the history of the chosen wedding location. You can see just by looking at the pictures that all of the couples wed at Special Moments have made the ceremony and reception their own, whether influenced by the location of the event, or their own personal style.


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