Special Moments Chapel is a historic church with a rich past!


In 1892, the earliest settlers of the community began to arrive. The settlers had immigrated to America from Germany because they were dissatisfied with the political and economic situation in Germany. The community was given the name, “Round Grove” because of a grove of trees in a circular shape.

On January 6, 1901, in the Round Grove Community, a congregation was formed to provide a church to the community. The first name given was German Evangelical Friedens (Peace) Congregation. They decided to build a church which would be completed that year. They bought two acres of land on which to build the church and the church was built by its members in seven months. The interior of the church was painted white (even the interior of the windows!) and had a beaded ceiling, and the outside was made of narrow weatherboard.

PinkLightImages_SpecialMomentsChapel_WeddingPhotography (44)On March 23, 1939, it was decided to go ahead with a building program. A new entranceway was added to the front of the church. An Altar was built and placed in the center at the back of the chancel, and a brass rail with velvet curtains was placed in front of the chancel.

In May of 1948, plans were made for new seating arrangements. It was voted to have individual chairs rather than pews.

In 1949, a building to be used for Sunday school and Parish Hall was erected. This is what is known as our Reception Hall today.


WEB anna smith photography special moments chapel wedding lewisville texas dallas-582With updated paint and beautiful red doors, the Chapel has a historic charm and uniqueness that simply can’t compare. One of the trees original to the property in 1901 still stands beside the chapel.PinkLightImages_SpecialMomentsChapel_WeddingPhotography (41)

You will find that our location can lend itself to anything from the small, intimate elopement to a larger wedding of up to 100 guests. With a little burlap and lace the chapel and reception hall turn into a rustic wonderland. If you are looking for a more traditional setting, we offer that as well with our classic set up.

We offer a romantic and vintage setting that is perfect for creating your Special Moment. Our history began in 1901 and now over a century later we are still making history while we fulfill dreams with beautiful weddings and events. Please take a look at the portfolio on our website and call us today to come in for a tour! We can’t wait to meet you and show you all the options available at our beautiful site.