The Bride’s Room

[dropcap]A[/dropcap] comfortable Dressing Room is available for the Bride and her bridal party, with plenty of mirrors to add those finishing touches. There’s lots of space and comfortable chairs. Supplies like sewing kits and pins are also on hand, in case those unexpected surprises arise.

The Ladies arrive with their hair and makeup complete and bring their gowns with them. Once they are fully dressed it’s time for a few photos to capture the emotions of the moment.

The time spent in the Bride’s Room is very special. The excitement can be felt in the air. Special bonds are shared by everyone in the bridal party. Emotions are high. Many times friends attending the wedding find it hard to stay away and sneak in to say hello. You can generally hear laughter down the hall.

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Special Moments

What a great time to capture those Special Moments leading up to the ceremony, including photos of the beautiful Flower Girls.

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