Seeking Wedding Venues in Texas

[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]our wedding day is a memory you will want to treasure forever, and the Special Moments Chapel is here to provide you with a day you will never forget. While there are many chapels in Dallas, our site offers services and individualized attention that you will not find anywhere else. We offer an ideal setting for the exchange of vows, as well as an entertaining reception. Among wedding venues in Texas, Special Moments is a first-rate choice to celebrate your union.

Choosing Between Chapels in Dallas

A bride and groom recognize the importance of finding the perfect wedding reception venues in Dallas, Texas, and often carefully study potential spots. A historic wedding chapel provides the ideal surroundings for a marriage ceremony, as the aura of times gone by adds an extra romantic dimension to the proceedings. There are many factors to take into consideration when investigating chapels. In Dallas, Special Moments has the experience required to handle all issues related to the ritual, and hence allow you to enjoy your unforgettable day.

A Unique Historic Wedding Chapel

As you can see by the pictures, Special Moments has original design and decoration that will enhance your nuptials. Although there are many wedding venues in Texas, ours is rich in tradition and culture. For instance, our historic wedding chapel has a bell that each couple rings seven times as good luck for the new journey upon which they are embarking together. A chapel like ours offers these types of special touches that are not found anywhere else at various Dallas wedding locations.

Best of Dallas Wedding Locations

In addition to these unique customs, Special Moments is a Dallas wedding chapel that provides a complete package to make your wedding planning a simpler process. Our Wedding Assistants will help you plan every aspect of the marriage – from the ceremony to the reception – in a manner that is custom-designed to suit your style. This kind of personal attention is not something you will find at all Fort Worth wedding locations. We provide everything you need for a cake and punch reception, and take care of all clean-up concerns. As you can see, Special Moments should be your first choice among Dallas wedding locations and Fort Worth wedding chapels to commemorate you new union.