Romantic Dallas: Wedding Ceremony Scenes

[custom_frame_left shadow=”on”]Special Moments | Wedding Events | special events[/custom_frame_left] [dropcap]T[/dropcap]he first settler arrived in Dallas, Texas in 1841, thus beginning a strong history that remains an important part of Texan culture. Many of these traditions can be witnessed in the rituals of marriage procedures, and the historic wedding chapel is prominent in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Special Moments, a Dallas wedding chapel, represents this embrace of history, and the various features of the ceremonial process reflect this appreciation. Like most places in Dallas, wedding ceremony is considered a sanctity that is taken very seriously. Special Moments is over 100 years old, and the original structure and architecture of the chapel has been preserved as much as possible.

Historic Wedding Chapel Rituals

It is not just the building itself that is illustrative of past Texan customs, but the nuptial practices, as well. Our historic wedding chapel realizes how much meaning is added to a marriage celebration by incorporating traditional customs that have played a part in wedding ceremonies throughout history. For instance, one of the most renowned features of our location is our exquisite chapel bell. We include a magnificent Dallas wedding ceremony tradition by having our new bride and groom ring the bell seven times as a sign of good luck. This is a great way for our couples to being their new life together, and allows the entire congregation to celebrate their new beginning. Throughout the entire marriage celebration, Special Moments unites the old with the new, and ensures that each couple will never forget their special day. Take this opportunity to view the photos of our lovely chapel, and envision your marriage ceremony in our distinctive setting.

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