Rewind, Repeat, Rewind Repeat…”My Wedding Dress?”

Earlier this month, Keira Knightley was out on the red carpet in her wedding dress. This was her third time wearing her pink, frilly, cocktail length and super cute dress! Sometimes finding that perfect dress can take weeks and months. This can cause a fun time to become a very stressful moment in the bride’s journey to finding the one dress to wear only one time. Is it worth it? A beautiful wedding gown banished to the back of a closet never to be worn again. We think Keira’s decision to break tradition and go outside the box was an amazing choice. She gets to feel that moment again and again putting on that dress, feeling beautiful and smiling at the memory of the day she said I DO to her husband. This may not be the choice for many, but for those that do choose it we say KUDOS to you………Wouldn’t it be cool to take anniversary pictures in it every year! 


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