We all have watched episodes of Four Weddings, My Fair Wedding, Bridezilla and more. Some weddings are so big, they leave you wondering, How did they afford that? Statistics show the average wedding could cost as much as $27,000! Sadly, many of these couples don’t even get to go on a honeymoon. Is it worth it spending so much on one day? Now to each their own, but we love a good old fashioned intimate wedding. A couple surrounded by their friends and family, basking in the feelings of joy, love and happiness as they build their marriage foundation. Intimate weddings give the opportunity to spend more time with guests and really enjoy the moment as two people commit their lifetime love to each other. Most of all, intimate weddings are more affordable and give couples the opportunity to start their marriage without wedding debt. Even Mark Zuckerburg had an intimate wedding in his back yard! Special Moments loves all weddings big or small, intimate or extravagant. With our historic chapel and onsite reception hall, we are sure to accommodate for all.

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